The judging of the 2018 Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition has been completed
and the results are now revealed:
Weedon, winner of the Gurney Cup (villages with a population of 500 and under);
Chenies runner-up
Padbury winner of the Morris Cup (villages with a population of 500 – 1500);
Hedgerley runner-up
Cheddington winner of the DeFraine Cup (villages with a population 1501 – 3000);
Wing runner-up
Chalfont St Giles, winner of the Pushman Cup (villages with a population over 3000);
Haddenham runner-up
Wendover winner of the Michaelis Cup (small towns);
Marlow, runner-up
Cuddington winner of the Tindall Cup (2017 cup winners);
Stewkley runner-up
Wendover has been awarded the Sword of Excellence as the best overall winner.
The Dashwood Trophy for the best runner-up goes to Wing
Wing is also being awarded the Community Trophy
Richard Pushman, Chairman of the Best Kept Village Competition, comments: “Our popular Best
Kept Village Competition highlights the great community activity that goes on in our lovely
Buckinghamshire villages. It is a great way to recognise the contribution of many who give their
time and effort to showcase and enhance their local environment. The Best Kept Village
competition is not just for ‘pretty’ villages – we want to see communities where everyone makes
an effort to keep their surroundings well maintained. The competition is a good opportunity for
villages to celebrate all the positive aspects of life in their village and we warmly congratulate this
year’s winners for their superb efforts.” The standard is higher than ever this year despite the
drought conditions.

The Best Kept Village Competition is sponsored by George Browns and Buckinghamshire County
Council with additional support from Milton Keynes Council and District Councils from Aylesbury
Vale, Chiltern and Wycombe.
The cups will be presented in the winning villages by Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, Lord Lieutenant
on Saturday 15 th September.

Further information regarding the competition is available from the Buckinghamshire Best Kept
Village Competition Administrator by email at bkvbucks@gmail.com or by telephoning 07734


Building design in Aylesbury Vale


We’re looking for high-quality buildings and public spaces across the Vale which help maintain the special qualities and distinctiveness of our area.

If you’ve been involved in, or admired a project – this could be a residential, commercial or community scheme or a special public space such as a new playpark – you can get this recognised at the 25th AVDC Design Awards.

Nominations and entries are welcomed until 31 August, when the shortlist will be decided. Each of the shortlisted projects will then be judged by an expert panel against six key criteria:

  • Quality of design/construction
  • Fitness for purpose
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Attractiveness
  • Innovation

This year, we’ll also be inviting the public to vote for the People’s Choice Award (details of how to vote will be available once the shortlist has been finalised).

Further information, including previous Design Award winners and how to enter or nominate a project for the awards can be found on our website: www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/designawards.

If you have any questions, please contact DesignAwards@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Working on it…TfB’s long-term improvements for 2018-19

News from Buckinghamshire County Council


PR 10123
20 July 2018
APPROVED for Immediate Release


Working on it…TfB’s long-term improvements for 2018-19


Despite the very hot weather disrupting some road resurfacing schedules, Transport for Buckinghamshire’s 2018-19 programme of road improvements has been well under way since April, with 10-15 road sites being treated every week.

The total budget for long term improvements across the whole Buckinghamshire network is almost £30 million for this financial year. This mainly covers road and footway resurfacing, but also includes investment in bridges, streetlights, drainage, safety schemes, parking, safety barriers and traffic signals.

TfB is responsible for over 3200km of roads across the county, as well as the bridges, footways, streetlights, traffic signals, bollards and gullies that keep the highway functional and safe.  Maintaining this valuable and vast asset requires long term, strategic planning that balances day-to-day maintenancewith longer term improvements.  The County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation, Mark Shaw commented on the challenges TfB face in maintaining the county’s most valuable asset:

“Buckinghamshire is in a uniquely challenging position; we’re a rural county yet very close to London which means our roads take some of the highest volumes of traffic nationally. That high volume of traffic, more and more of which is larger goods vehicles, puts a massive strain on our road surfaces.

“The Council is committed to maintaining the roads to a safe and serviceable level, which is why we’ve put more money into road maintenance this year, and I’m proud of how hard the whole TfB team is working to make real long term improvements.”

Road and footway resurfacing 2018-19

The most high profile element of our work is road and footway resurfacing, which is also the biggest part of our capital spend, with over £20 million budgeted across the county this year. Over 100 road resurfacing and 18 footway resurfacing schemes are planned for 2018-19, as part of a works programme designed by TfB in collaboration with local County Councillors.

When roads have been chosen for resurfacing they are prioritised and the appropriate treatment is chosen – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to road surfacing, with several options available to extend the life of a road. Every Friday, we release a programme of works around the county for the upcoming week, which can be found here on the County Council website, as can the details about the different types of road surfacing we use.  Since April, eight major surfacing schemes have already been completed in Buckinghamshire, equating to an area of over 16,000m².

A further £2.78M has been invested in a ‘plane and patch’ programme, where smaller areas of damaged road surface are cut out and resurfaced.  We are using this technique to deal with the significant deterioration of Buckinghamshire’s roads that occurred last winter. Some highly visible and longstanding areas of concern have been addressed quickly and effectively through this approach and by the end of June, approx. 62,000 m² of plane and patch had already been carried out across the county.

Structures, 2018-19

This year in excess of £1 million will be invested on improvements to various structures across the county, including bridges, subways, parapets, and monuments. This work is undertaken by a combination of in-house specialists and skilled contractors, particularly for the works requiring specialist knowledge such as for listed historic structures, like the  Marlow Obelisk, which will undergo renovation works later this year. Other structures projects for the coming year include a footbridge in Buckingham and a monument in Thornborough.

Drainage, 2018-19

The countywide drainage improvement programme creates sustainable, long term solutions to some of the more significant drainage issues across the county. Where road surface water and ineffective drainage are an issue a solution is designed and built by a team of drainage specialists. This usually includes installing new pipework and soakaways, improving ditch capacity, and refurbishing existing drainage systems to increase capacity. £1 million has been allocated for the 2018-19 drainage programme, and will include over 30 sites, eleven of which have already been completed.  You can read about how drainage improvements were made in Buckinghamshire last year here, and see the full list of planned works for 2018-19 on the County Council website.

Streetlighting, 2018-19

‘Street lighting’ actually refers not just to conventional streetlights but to all road side illuminated signs and bollards, as well as lighting in subways, and all the associated cabling. This year over £2.5 million will be spent on major street lighting works, which includes replacing over 500 streetlight columns, and continuing the countywide programme to replace all old style sodium lamps with more modern and efficient LED units. Over the last six years almost 15,000 LED conversions have been completed in Buckinghamshire, with over 3,200 old style lanterns expected to be replaced this coming year.

Other schemes

  • TfB also carries out local, smaller schemes on our roads and streets.  These are developed with, and often funded by, third parties such as parishes and Local Area Forums (LAFs). Over 200 of these schemes are planned for 2018-19, including pedestrian crossings and cycle ways.
  • Over £300,000 will be invested in countywide network safety schemes whilst a further £879,000 from the DfT Safer Roads allocation, will enable a number of safety schemes to be carried out along the A40 between West Wycombe and Stokenchurch
  • In excess of £400,000 has been allocated for the upgrade of traffic signal infrastructure  across the county
  • £250,000 is to be invested on safety fencing improvements across the county
  • A further £500,000+ has also been budgeted this year for locally organised projects such as traffic calming and other highway safety improvements.

Buckingham – Winslow Cycleway (Phase 1) Construction

Buckingham – Winslow Cycleway (Phase 1)

Bulletin #001 – 20/07/18


Dear Residents and Businesses,

Welcome to the first information bulletin for the Buckingham to Winslow Cycleway Extension Scheme providing information on scheme progress for Phase 1 all the way through to completion.


The Buckingham to Winslow cycleway extension scheme is a continuation of the cycling and walking improvements already completed along the A413 from Winslow town centre to the Lace Hill roundabout in Buckingham. The scheme will complete the link between Winslow and Buckingham town centres. The scheme is funded by developer contributions of £350,000.

The extension scheme is being delivered in two phases. Consultation on phase 1 of the scheme ended 28 January 2018 and the construction will now commence on the 23 July 2018. It is anticipated that the construction works will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Phase 2 of the scheme – shared cycle-footway on the western side of A413 London Road providing connections to the Swan Pool, The Buckingham School and The Royal Latin School – is currently being consulted on.  For further information please view the project webpage www.buckscc.gov.uk/buckinghamcycleway

Construction Programme:

The construction works will be carried out at various sites in Buckingham including the Badgers Estate, Bourton Road and in Bourton Park to create the new formal route for Phase 1, which will connect into the back of Cornwall’s Meadow car park. To view the Phase 1 overview plan click here.

  • Construction will take place only on weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • Weekday working hours start from 8:30am to 4:00pm daily (with the exception of Bank Holidays)
  • Construction works planned to start 23 July 2018
  • Expected completion date of works is early September 2018.
The following sections of footway work are planned as follows:

  1. Hare Close: Footway connection to A413 London Road – Footway reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 23 July – 5 days)
  2. A413 London Road: Footway connection to Hare Close – Footway reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 23 July – 5 days)
  3. Badgers Way western junction with Bourton Road: Footway works (25m dist. into Badgers Way) – Footway reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 30 July – 6 days)
  4. Bourton Road western junction with Badgers Way: Footway & Kerbing  reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 30 July – 6 days)
  5. Ouse Valley Way at cul-de-sac excluding cycleway crossing west of school. Footway & kerbing reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Tuesday 7 August – 5 days)
  6. Stratford Road – south side, (west of AVDC/football club car park access) adjacent to egress excluding footpath. Footway & kerbing reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Friday 10 August, 14 day window)
  7. Bourton Road & Ouse Valley Way: Red surface treatment application – ½ Day duration – Stop & Go Traffic Management. (w/c Monday 20 August – 10 day window)
  8. London Rd (f/way), / Hare Close / Badgers Way (west) into Bourton Rd,  / Ouse Valley Way / Stratford Road (f/way): Apply carriageway cycle markings – various locations along the scheme – Stop & Go Traffic Management. (w/c Monday 20 August – 10 day window)
Information signs will be erected at the specific site locations to highlight the planned works, dates and duration.

The work will be undertaken using temporary lane closures and 2–way temporary traffic signals as necessary depending on the location of the works. During the works some delays may be unavoidable for road users.

During the works access will be maintained for residents. However, on occasions for health and safety reasons, road users may be requested to wait temporarily to enable completion of a particular operation/activity by the contractor. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will endeavour to keep construction noise levels on the site as low as possible. However, due to the nature of these works some noisy activities will be required so we apologise for this in advance.

For any queries regarding the works during weekdays, contact Adrian Lane (T-ALANE@buckscc.org) at Transport for Buckinghamshire.

household recycling centres review gets underway


“Changes will be needed to the way the County Council’s household recycling centres operate from April next year to make the service affordable while maintaining the quality people expect.”

That’s the important message from Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment as the County Council begins the process of gathering views and opinions from local residents about household recycling centre provision across Buckinghamshire.

Many councils up and down the country have already made changes to their recycling centre operations as the financial pressures on all public services continue to bite. Bill says that the time has come for Buckinghamshire to grasp the nettle and consider changes that will ensure the Council can stay within its budgets.

He said: “Our recycling centres are popular, well used and highly thought of with more than 70% of all waste received recycled. But the harsh reality is we can’t afford to continue as we are due to the financial pressures on all our services.

“Compared to other councils, we do have more household recycling centres than others, we are open longer and we do take most types of waste. But, all this costs in excess of £3 million every year to provide.

“I have the difficult job of getting our costs down but with the minimum of inconvenience to residents. We’ve seen other authorities look at the overall number of sites, opening hours or days and things like charging for DIY waste not classed as household waste. But before I do anything, I want an opportunity to listen to what local residents think.

“We’re very much in listening mode at the moment,” he added.

Looking forward over the next 15 years, the Council also knows some sites are not in precisely the right place to suit future population growth and that facilities and layouts at current sites vary tremendously.

Bill added: “What we have to do is rationalise the current provision to make it affordable and fit for purpose. In the longer term, we have future investment plans to help both improve site facilities and plan for expected population growth associated with around 46,000 new homes across the County.

“With this significant investment and the changes we need to make to streamline current operations, I’m confident we can still offer a household recycling centre service that works for the majority of local people going forward.”

FCC Regional Director, Steve Longdon said: “As operators of the Council’s waste recycling centres, we are fully aware of the pressures facing all authorities up and down the country. We will of course be working closely with Buckinghamshire during the upcoming consultation period and would like to reassure all service users that it is business as usual across the county.”

The process begins this week (16/17 July) with a series of four public focus group sessions, being run by market research experts Ipsos Mori, to help scope some initial thinking. The views from these sessions will help to shape the Council’s full public consultation exercise, expected to start later in the summer.

To find out more, go to the consultation web page: www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/waste-and-recycling/hrc-service-review

This review is not related to kerbside collection services or the smaller recycling banks operated by district councils. It relates only to the ten household recycling centres operated by the County Council.

For further information please contact: Aidan Shutter, on 01296 382444 or out of hours on 07825430978 





Major revamp of Aylesbury Library

Work to start over the summer on a major revamp of Aylesbury Library


Work to create an updated modern library for Aylesbury will start during August.

The Aylesbury Library building on Walton Street is being gutted and completely refurbished, bringing the reference library and lending library under the same roof, also introducing a number of fantastic new and modern facilities fit for the 21st Century. The library update is part of a wider regeneration plan for this part of Aylesbury which also includes proposals for a new hotel, new apartments and a new restaurant.

The new dementia-friendly, modern library design will have a completely new layout and will include:

  • Improved online facilities with better wifi  and power for customers using their own devices
  • New self-service technology
  • A new ‘teenage’ area creating a new space in the lending library for group study
  • New meeting rooms and modernised toilets and a new baby-changing area
  • A modernised children’s area, complete with a colourful new sensory wall
  • Longer opening hours

The final design takes on board comments from library users – more than 750 people gave their feedback during a consultation on the plans last year which included a number of open days and a survey. Each and every response was looked at and considered when the plans were finalised. The works also include a number of comprehensive improvements behind the scenes to modernise the structure and space, such as new heating, lighting and ventilation systems and better network connection.

Over the summer and into autumn the lending library will move into Aylesbury Study Centre while the works take place.

Noel Brown, Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health says:

“This is really exciting for Aylesbury and it’s great that the town is getting the fantastic, modern library it deserves. We know the current building is out of date and this will create a wonderful new space for people of all ages to enjoy.

“It also makes sense to bring the reference library under the same roof – this way we will create an up to date, easy to access library for all. It will be colourful, modern and inviting and will be a fitting part of the wider regeneration and modernisation of this part of Aylesbury.

We do ask people to bear with us while we’re making the changes but we’re pleased we can still offer the lending library facility from Aylesbury Study Centre while the refurbishment takes place –just a short walk away.”

  • The lending library on Walton Street will close its doors at 2:00pm, Thursday 9 August
  • The lending library will then operate out of Aylesbury Study Centre over the summer and into the Autumn until the refurbishment is finished
  • Aylesbury Study Centre will close for a long weekend to allow the move to take place. It will close at 2:00pm, Thursday 9 August and  reopen at 9:00am, Tuesday 14 August
  • The building works are expected to last into the Autumn and are due to complete in November, after which the new library will open its doors to the public
  • Aylesbury Study Centre will close when the current facility is integrated into the new library and discussions are ongoing as to how the space will be used in the future
  • Aylesbury Study Centre is a short walk from the Aylesbury Library building and is part of the Council’s New County Hall complex
  • Aylesbury Study Centre is easily accessed step free via Friars Square Shopping Centre. Library users can also access it via steps from Walton Street.


For further information please contact: Claire Perry, on 01296 382444 or out of hours on 07825430978






Winslow Community Bus – August/September 2018

ALL are welcome to come on the Community Bus!
Thursday August 2nd – Local lunch at The Carpenters Arms, Stewkley. Good
menu – home cooked food and a friendly atmosphere. £4.00 travel.
Tuesday 7 th August – Buckingham Bus – 1 hour town, 1 hour Tesco or 2 hours
Tesco! Door to door, bus pass accepted, otherwise only £4.50 return.
Thursday 9 th August – Westcroft Shopping* Morrisons, Boots, Aldi etc free with
bus pass. Departs Winslow 9.30am, village pick ups. Ring to book.
Sunday 12 th August – Visit Bournemouth, enjoy 7 miles of sandy beaches, walk
along the pier or enjoy the 2-mile long Bournemouth Gardens with rock gardens,
an aviary and plant species from 3 continents. Travel only £20.00
Tuesday 14 th August – Visit Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds. Fascinating place
in an absolutely fabulous setting. Beautiful gardens, quirky house, lovely
tearooms. Only £20.00 travel and entrance, £10.00 travel for NT members.
Tuesday 21 st August – Visit Whipsnade Zoo – a great day out for all ages. You can
get close up to all the animals – elephants, tigers, giraffes, lions all well looked
after. A train to take you round and plenty to do. Travel & entrance only £20.00.
Thursday 23 rd August – – Westcroft Shopping* Morrisons, Boots, Aldi etc free
with bus pass. Departs Winslow 9.30am, village pick ups. Ring to book.
Tuesday 28 th August – Asda shopping -Stock up after the Bank Holiday! £4.00
Tuesday 4 th September – Buckingham Bus – 1 hour town, 1 hour Tesco or 2 hours
Tesco! Door to door, bus pass accepted, otherwise only £4.50 return.
Tuesday 11 th September-
Thursday 13 th September – Westcroft Shopping* Morrisons, Boots, Aldi etc free
with bus pass. Departs Winslow 9.30am, village pick ups. Ring to book.
Tuesday 18 th September – Visit Wimpole Estate – marvel at the architecture of
the largest country house in Cambridgeshire, stroll around the 18 th century
pleasure grounds, woodland and gardens, admire the shire horses, rare breed
sheep, cattle and pigs and daily farm activities. Only £18.50 travel and entrance,
£8.50 for NT members.
Monday 24 th September – Asda Shopping, M&S, Primark, Next etc £4.00
Tuesday 25 th September – Lunch at The Inn on the Lake MK. Traditional home
cooked food in a lovely lakeside setting. £4.50 travel.
Thursday 27 th September – Westcroft Shopping* Morrisons, Boots, Aldi etc free
with bus pass. Departs Winslow 9.30am, village pick ups. Ring to book.

Make shopping easy! Reduce your carbon footprint!
You can jump on the Community Bus in Winslow any Friday or Saturday
morning around 9.15am to get to Aylesbury for just after 10 o’clock – dropping
off by Sainsbury’s or the bus station, then return 12.15pm depart from bus
station (High St pick up too on a Friday) – FREE with a bus pass, otherwise only
£4.50 return.
WE can pick up near to your home – just ring Sue to discuss.

If you are aged between 25 and 70 years of age, and have some spare time,
please consider becoming a driver for your local community bus. You can do as
much or as little as you like, from shorter local runs to some of our longer day
trips. We visit all kinds of places, garden centres, stately homes, shopping
centres, countryside drives as well as our regular bus services, and the people
who use the bus are a very friendly crowd!
We offer certificated training to MIDAS standard, and pay out-of-pocket
Ring Sue for more details 01296 715786


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