South Central Ambulance Service and London Ambulance Service team up for the benefit of patients

  • The partnership could see joint procurement of supplies, support services and vehicles
  • As both Trusts lead the development of NHS 111 services locally, the partnership could also deliver seamless access to care for patients, particularly commuters, wherever they are within the two areas

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust announced today (25 September) that they have established a partnership to look at potential efficiencies through projects like joint procurement of vehicles, equipment and IT systems.

The two trusts, which provide 999 / 111 urgent and emergency care services for about 16 million people between them, are also committed to working more closely together and learning from each other’s best practices.

South Central Ambulance Service Chief Executive Will Hancock said: “We already work closely together with London Ambulance Service, including at incidents which happen on or near our boundaries, during large-scale planned events and major incidents. With ever increasing demands on ambulance services across the country, such partnerships will be crucial to ensure that the improvements in patient care and experience, working environments for staff and innovations in service delivery can be delivered within our existing resources.

“Many of our residents in the South Central region commute into London daily to work. We would also therefore like to explore opportunities to improve patient care for that large body of people we share between our two services, for example, through closer working between our 111 and integrated urgent care services. People might call 111 during the day and have a face-to-face appointment booked for them nearer home when they return.”

London Ambulance Service Chief Executive Garrett Emmerson said: “Our patients expect and deserve the best care we can provide and that means making every £1 of taxpayers’ money count.

Our five year strategy is improving the way in which we provide urgent and emergency care to people who live, work or travel in London in the most cost effective way. And we know that to keep improving, we need to partner with the wider NHS – and that’s what this partnership is all about, working with and learning from our neighbours to ensure the best care for the 16 million people who live and work across London and the South Central region.”

South Central Ambulance Service covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire (as well as Sussex and Surrey for non-emergency patient transport services) and London Ambulance Service covers the 32 London boroughs.

Spend a few minutes and have your say on future of household recycling centre service says Cabinet Member

More than 3,000 people have already responded to the Council’s household recycling centre consultation, and County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment Bill Chapple OBE is continuing to urge as many as possible to spend a few minutes and have their say.

The County Council has a tough budget to meet from April 2019 onwards and needs the views of as many as possible before taking decisions about the future of the service.

The eight week consultation, which is open until October 22, asks for views on a wide range of proposed options, including:

  • the closure of the Bledlow site and possibly also Burnham
  • selected weekday closures at Chesham, Aylesbury (Rabans Lane) and Burnham (if this site remains open)
  • charging for some waste items that sites legally don’t have to take for free
  • charging or limiting access to Bucks recycling centres for  people living outside the county.

Bill Chapple OBE said that with the ever-reducing funding in the public sector, difficult decisions have to be made across all services.

“I’m really grateful to everyone who has taken the time to respond to our consultation already.  We’ve also talked to over 350 local residents at the drop-in sessions at local libraries that we’ve organised and there are at least 5 more sessions to go. Overall, it’s been a great response.

“We have also been invited to evening meetings at parish and town councils as well as local area forums, so we have more opportunities to get the views of as many as possible.

“Although, much of the focus has been around the one or two site closure options, we also need as many views as possible about the other proposed changes that we have set out.  I would really like to hear people’s views.

“The site closure proposals have prompted concerns about increasing fly tipping. I was really concerned about this too, but research and the experiences of other councils show the link simply isn’t there.”

Bill added, “In my experience, fly tippers never have any intention of taking their waste to a tip, they simply off load it wherever they can. It’s also worth saying that around half of all fly tips in Bucks are caused by people who live outside the county.  Fly tipping is a criminal act and we will continue our zero-tolerance approach and bring dumpers to justice.

“Please spare a few minutes to complete the online survey – the more responses we get, the better informed we will be when we take final decisions later in the year.”

For more information and to complete the consultation, visit You can still attend a drop-in session and talk through your concerns face to face. The dates and locations are:

Buckingham library – Wednesday 26 September – 10am to1pm
Burnham library – Thursday 4 October 4 – 10am to 1pm
Chesham library – Monday 8 October 8 – 2pm to 5pm
Beaconsfield library –  Friday 12 October – 10am to 1pm

East West Rail – Council Objection to TWAO



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Buckingham – Winslow Cycleway Extension (Phase 1) Construction


The project team has been working hard with Transport for Buckinghamshire and after 6 weeks, phase 1 of the Buckingham to Winslow cycleway extension scheme is now substantially complete. The scheme will complete the link between Winslow and Buckingham town centres.

The construction works for phase 1 of the scheme started on 23/07/18 and has been carried out at various sites in Buckingham including the Badgers Estate, Bourton Road and in Bourton Park to create the new formal route connecting into the back of Cornwall’s Meadow car park.

Works completed between 13/08/18 and 07/09/18
1.     Stratford Road: Completion of Stratford Road Link throughout, with remedial soil & seeding  (13/08/18 – 25/08/18)

2.     Installation of new sign posts (only) along the route of phase 1 (17/08/18 – 24/08/18)

3.     Line Marking works & Red surface treatment (07/09/18)

Remaining phase 1 works

The following works for phase 1 are planned to take place in due course.

1.     Undertake remedial works,

2.     Install new Road signs,

3.     Undertake Road Safety Audit Stage 3, after scheme completion.

We are now working on phase 2 of the scheme – shared cycle-footway on the western side of A413 London Road providing connections to the Swan Pool, The Buckingham School and The Royal Latin School.

The public consultation of phase 2 was undertaken during 22/06/18 and 04/08/18. All comments received during the consultation period have been evaluated.

A Cabinet Member report for phase 2 is being produced as part of the final decision process. The report will set out the general outcome and support for phase 2 and will be published on the  Buckinghamshire County Council website in October / November 2018.

Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Expressway Corridor B announcement


Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Expressway Corridor B announcement

Highways England has today announced that Corridor B is its preferred route for the proposed Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Expressway, following a programme of stakeholder engagement. This is the first of a number of key decisions that will be taken in respect of this locally and nationally important project. Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) says today’s announcement is important in helping us to start to understand more about the government’s plan for the area and to continue to work with partners to understand the potential implications with its members, local communities and partners.

The expressway is just one of the components of the government’s strategy for the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford growth corridor and is of great relevance to our residents and businesses as approximately 70% of the new road will pass through Aylesbury Vale.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Angela Macpherson, said:

“Today’s announcement provides clarity on the government’s preferred corridor. Whilst this is a scheme of national importance, it is essential that Highways England engages with us and our communities in the critical next stage of this project that will be focused on determining the detailed route within the identified corridor.


“We now need to take time to properly assess and understand the corridor decision and discuss the implications with our local communities, members and partners, in particular, Buckinghamshire County Council. This cannot be another HS2, and we will press the government to understand the benefits this infrastructure can bring to the Vale

. “The government has identified that the expressway can help to unlock growth across the corridor and we want to work with government to help shape good growth and create successful and sustainable places with our local communities.”

More information on the expressway can be found at: Highways England DfT AVDC

Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2018


Winslow Town Council

Notice of Conclusion of Audit


Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2018


Sections 20(2) and 25 of the local ~Audit and Accountability Act 2014


Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (S1 2015/234)


  1. The audit of accounts for Winslow Town Council for the year ended 31 March 2018 has been completed and the accounts have been published.


  1. The Annual Governance & Accountability Return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area of Winslow Town Council on application to


The Clerk

Between the hours of 9.30am and 12.30pm Tuesday to Thursday.


  1. Copies of the Annual Return will be provided to any person on payment of £1 for each copy.


Announcement made by:  The Clerk

Date of Announcement:    12th. September 2018

Events Tuesday 11th September. Meeting Cancelled

Events  Meeting        Tuesday  11th September.


Meeting Cancelled

A revised date will be set in due course.

Carriageway Surfacing Schemes – Surface Dressing Programme


180104 – A413 Buckingham Road, Winslow – 30MPH sign to Addington Junction (13/09/18 to 14/09/2018)

Installation of road studs using ‘stop and go’ traffic management between 09:30 and 15:30hrs.


180102 – A413 Buckingham Road, Hardwick – New Road to Bushmead Road (14/09/18 to 15/09/2018)

Installation of road studs using ‘stop and go’ traffic management between 09:30 and 15:30hrs.

Virtual permits for on-street parking

News from Buckinghamshire County Council

On the 27 September 2018 Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) will launch ‘virtual permits’ for on-street parking, along with online applications for all other permit types. The new virtual permits will reduce the time it takes to apply for, and receive, a permit – currently, it can take up to 14 working days to receive a permit, but a virtual permit becomes live as soon as it is approved. Enforcement officers will know instantly if a vehicle has an active permit via their handheld devices.

Virtual permits will be available for all types of on-street parking. This means that people will no longer have to display a permit when parking a car in a permitted area anywhere in Buckinghamshire. This includes resident permits, dispensations and carer permits, as well as other types of on street parking permits.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation Mark Shaw said: “This advance in technology means that it will be quicker and easier to apply for a permit, as the application process will be simplified. Requests for permits and any changes made to existing permits will be effective immediately and, better still, they’re environmentally friendly as there is no paper or printing involved.”

In order to access virtual permits, customers will have to register for a free account from which they can apply for all types of permits. It is recognised that some residents may have issues relating to internet access, so alternatives will be put in place to ensure they can still obtain the virtual permits.

All current permit holders are being written to with further details.

Types of permit:

Resident Permits
These are for customers who reside in the Controlled Parking Zone. To obtain one of these permits the customer has to provide evidence of the following:
Proof of Residence
Proof of Ownership

Visitors Vouchers

Operational Permits
These permits are issued to a health visitor and must be used for domicile visits only. A form must be completed and signed off by the applicants Practice Manager.

Carer Permits
This permit is issued to a resident who requires daily help. The help is normally a family member/s, friend or carer. A form must be completed and a doctors letter is required with proof of residency.



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