TOWN/PARISH – Great Horwood

If only a section of the road is to be affected, give relevant junctions/distances in metres. Approx 2866m.


PERIOD FOR WHICH ORDER IS SOUGHT – from 09:30 to 15:30 on 28 Jan- 01 Feb 2019 – 6 hours


Winslow Road, High Street, The Green, Nash Road, Bletchley Road, Buckingham Ring Road, London Road,

Buckingham Road, Lower Way, Great Horwood Road.





Will the Emergency Services have access through the closure – Yes

Will Buses have access through the closure – Yes



Winslow BIG SOCIETY Events in February

Please click on the link below to see the planned events for February.


WBSGdatesPOSTER feb 2019

New Thames Valley Cheif Constable

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, Anthony Stansfeld, has chosen John Campbell as his proposed appointment for Thames Valley Police Chief Constable.

John Campbell is the current Deputy Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, a position he has held since 2015.

Anthony Stansfeld said: “After a detailed selection process I am delighted to announce that John Campbell is my preferred candidate to be appointed as the next Chief Constable for Thames Valley Police.  I look to forward to working closely with him in the future.”

Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said: “I feel privileged to be chosen as the preferred candidate for the next Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police.

“I am very proud to have been a Chief Officer with Thames Valley Police for over 8 years, and look to take over from an outstanding Chief Constable in Francis Habgood. I hope to build on his successes in my tenure as Chief.

“It will be an honour to lead all those who work and volunteer for us so that we can continue to deliver a police force that protects the communities of the Thames Valley and gives the public the standard of service that they deserve.”

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Former County Council Chief Executive appointed as Deputy Lieutenant

Chris Williams, former Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire County Council, has been appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant. The appointment reflects Chris’ positive contribution to Buckinghamshire in his time with and at the helm of the county council.

Deputy Lieutenants are appointed by the Lord Lieutenant, at their discretion, subject only to Her Majesty The Queen not disapproving of the granting of the commission. Their role is to assist the Lord Lieutenant in supporting voluntary and community activities in Buckinghamshire. They also participate in civic and social activities including citizenship ceremonies and armed forces events.

Speaking about the appointment, Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, HM Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire said: “I am delighted to appoint Chris Williams as a Deputy Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire. As a hard working and highly respected head of the county council for 16 years, Chris has devoted a large part of his working life to improving the lives of local residents and communities. This appointment reflects the commitment he has shown to serving his local community over the years.”


Please follow the link below for information relating to the hire of the Wheelchair Car .


Winslow Accessible Vehicle – Information leaflet(1)


Winslow Accessible Vehicle – Information leaflet

New RingGo parking system to launch in Aylesbury town centre

Transport for Buckinghamshire will be trialling the RingGo pay-by-phone system in Aylesbury town centre this week, going live on on Thursday 17 January 2019.

Motorists wishing to park on the street or in the Waterside North car park will no longer have to hunt for change following the introduction of a new system that lets you pay for parking with your mobile phone.

RingGo is a quick, easy-to-use mobile phone service that allows users to pay for parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash at a machine. If this trial proves successful, the system will be introduced across all of the County Council parking locations.

You can use RingGo to pay for parking online, via text message or by calling a standard rate telephone number that will be displayed on signs. There is also a dedicated app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices, with full details of each payment method available at

If you choose to pay for parking via RingGo, there is no need to display a ticket. Civil enforcement officers will be able to check the registration of validly-parked vehicles using a special handheld device.

Once cars are registered on RingGo, the service can remember users’ vehicle and payment information, meaning you can save time when paying for parking in future. Users can also opt in to receive text message reminders ten minutes before parking is due to run out, giving you time to return to your car or to extend your stay to the maximum period allowed in that parking place.

Five-digit RingGo codes will be displayed on the parking payment stations in each location, or can be found online. There is a charge of 20p per transaction for using the service, as well as 10p for the optional text message reminders, which can be switched off at any time.

The service has worked very successfully in other parts of the country and will make parking in Aylesbury town centre – and in the rest of Buckinghamshire, should the trial be a success – much more convenient, both for residents and for visitors.

County Council Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member Mark Shaw said:

“The introduction of RingGo is a step forward in convenient parking. You can still pay with cash in the conventional way but being able to pay via your phone is a handy alternative that I am sure many people will take advantage of.”

Public Exhibition of New Housing

Land & Partners would like to invite you to our Public Exhibition on 23rd January 2019 where local residents will get a chance to meet the team and talk through our proposals.
We have booked the St Laurence Room, Winslow on the 23rd January between 16:00 and 19:00. Please see attached leaflet for the even.

Click to open link

LP Winslow consultation Leaflet Jan 19

Cabinet gives green light to Government blueprint for new unitary Council for Buckinghamshire.

Cabinet gives green light to Government blueprint for new unitary Council for Buckinghamshire.

Today’s special Cabinet meeting formally agreed the County Council’s consent to the making of all the necessary legal regulations by the Government to create a single new unitary council for Buckinghamshire, on the basis of further details provided by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

In a letter to all five councils sent on January 7, Secretary of State, James Brokenshire sets out the key building blocks for the new ‘Buckinghamshire Council’ contained in the draft legislation. They include:

– the name of the new council will be ‘Buckinghamshire Council’ and it will have 147 councillors

– elections for the new council will take place in May 2020

– a temporary ‘shadow’ authority will be formed, with all current county and district councillors having a seat on this body; the shadow authority will set the 2020/21 council tax and budget. Leadership will be provided by a 17 seat shadow executive with the Leader of the County Council as its chairman

– an implementation team, led by the County Council Chief Executive and with a district Chief Executive as deputy, will be established to manage the smooth transfer of services and staff to the new Council.

Providing at least one of the five councils involved gives its consent, the regulations that allow the Secretary of State to accept a proposal for change can be laid before Parliament on 14 January 2019; the draft legislation that sets out the detail of how this will take place will then be laid before Parliament a few weeks later and will come into force later in the Spring, to allow the new unitary council to be up and running by April 2020.

Speaking after the meeting, County Council Leader Martin Tett said:

“This is an important step forward in the process to the creation of a new council for Buckinghamshire. Whilst these legal processes have to take place I want to remind everyone that this is absolutely about residents – improving services for the people we are elected to serve. This must not be about us. It’s about creating a simpler, better value, and more local council for residents, businesses  and partners and being able to speak with a stronger single voice nationally; a council fit for the future.

Timing to get the new council up and running is tight, so I’m asking the District Councils to work with us on this for our residents and our staff to deliver the brand new Council that Buckinghamshire deserves and make the most of the opportunities for all from this historic change.”


County Council plans health partnership to modernise residential short breaks

Consultation is about to start on the modernisation of Buckinghamshire’s residential short breaks (respite) service for adults. Cabinet members agreed [Monday 7 January 2019] to a six week consultation starting 16 January 2019.

Currently the service is located at Seeley’s House in Beaconsfield and offers overnight breaks for up to eight vulnerable adults at any one time. The plan, if agreed, is to move to a more suitable location in Aylesbury and commission a new service in partnership with health. The Council has reached a joint funding agreement with the Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group. This means that, regardless of who is funding their care, those who need it can access the service.

Lin Hazell, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “The reasons for wanting to move are very clear, the current building has a very limited shelf life, is not suitable for renovation and is far too expensive to maintain. On the other hand the building in Aylesbury is currently under-used and offers an affordable opportunity to improve the service.

“We are viewing this as a service improvement. It’s about moving our residential short breaks service to a more suitable and accessible building. The new service will provide safe, quality care for those with the most complex needs – in a purpose built environment.”

Provision of the new service would mean temporarily closing Aylesbury Opportunities Centre for 12 months while a partial rebuild takes place. Current service users will be supported to find alternative day activities and transition to the new service when it opens in August 2020. A residential short breaks service will continue at Seeleys House Beaconsfield until transition to the new service is complete.

Parents, carers and services users (both current and future) are being asked to give their views about the proposed plans for adult residential short breaks at a series of events as follows:

23 January 2019 7pm – 9pm Seeleys House
24 January 2019 1pm – 3pm Seeleys House
28 January 2019 10am – 12pm Aylesbury Opportunities Centre
4 February 2019 6pm – 8pm Aylesbury Opportunities Centre

Lin continues: “This is an opportunity for people to hear about our plans in greater detail, tell us what they think, and check we have considered their specific concerns. If you are unable to get to an event you can still give your views by emailing  us at or calling us on 01296 383 122 and leaving a message.”

For more information and how to have your say go



HM Revenue & Customs Alert


HM Revenue and Customs Alert

What you need to know
Action Fraud has experienced an increase in the reporting of malicious calls, voicemails, text messages or emails to members of the public purporting to be from HMRC.

The fraudsters state that as a result of their non-payment of tax or other duty, the victim is liable to prosecution or other legal proceedings such as repossession of belongings to settle the balance but can avoid this by arranging for payment to be made immediately by method such as bank transfer or by iTunes gift cards.

If the victim is hesitant or refuses to comply, the suspect makes a threat such as immediate arrest, bailiffs or in cases where the victim appears to be of overseas origin; deportation.

Often, the period for which the tax is allegedly due is distant enough to guarantee the victim will have little, if any, paperwork or ability to verify the claims. Once the money is paid the suspects sever all contact.

It is vital that the public exercise caution when receiving messages or telephone calls of this nature.

What you need to do
Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information. Just because someone knows your basic details (such as your name and contact details), it doesn’t mean they are genuine. Instead, contact the company directly using trusted methods such as a known email address or phone number.

Listen to your instincts. If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it. No genuine organisation will ask you to pay taxes, bills or fees using iTunes Gift Cards, or any other type of voucher.

Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision. Under no circumstances would a genuine bank or some other trusted organisation force you to make a financial transaction on the spot.

Report Phishing attempts. If you receive a call, text or email of this nature and have not lost money, report this as a phishing attempt to Action Fraud.

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Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)
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