Buckingham – Winslow Cycleway Extension (Phase 1) Construction


The project team has been working hard with Transport for Buckinghamshire and after 6 weeks, phase 1 of the Buckingham to Winslow cycleway extension scheme is now substantially complete. The scheme will complete the link between Winslow and Buckingham town centres.

The construction works for phase 1 of the scheme started on 23/07/18 and has been carried out at various sites in Buckingham including the Badgers Estate, Bourton Road and in Bourton Park to create the new formal route connecting into the back of Cornwall’s Meadow car park.

Works completed between 13/08/18 and 07/09/18
1.     Stratford Road: Completion of Stratford Road Link throughout, with remedial soil & seeding  (13/08/18 – 25/08/18)

2.     Installation of new sign posts (only) along the route of phase 1 (17/08/18 – 24/08/18)

3.     Line Marking works & Red surface treatment (07/09/18)

Remaining phase 1 works

The following works for phase 1 are planned to take place in due course.

1.     Undertake remedial works,

2.     Install new Road signs,

3.     Undertake Road Safety Audit Stage 3, after scheme completion.

We are now working on phase 2 of the scheme – shared cycle-footway on the western side of A413 London Road providing connections to the Swan Pool, The Buckingham School and The Royal Latin School.

The public consultation of phase 2 was undertaken during 22/06/18 and 04/08/18. All comments received during the consultation period have been evaluated.

A Cabinet Member report for phase 2 is being produced as part of the final decision process. The report will set out the general outcome and support for phase 2 and will be published on the  Buckinghamshire County Council website in October / November 2018.

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