Buckingham – Winslow Cycleway (Phase 1) Construction

Buckingham – Winslow Cycleway (Phase 1)

Bulletin #001 – 20/07/18


Dear Residents and Businesses,

Welcome to the first information bulletin for the Buckingham to Winslow Cycleway Extension Scheme providing information on scheme progress for Phase 1 all the way through to completion.


The Buckingham to Winslow cycleway extension scheme is a continuation of the cycling and walking improvements already completed along the A413 from Winslow town centre to the Lace Hill roundabout in Buckingham. The scheme will complete the link between Winslow and Buckingham town centres. The scheme is funded by developer contributions of £350,000.

The extension scheme is being delivered in two phases. Consultation on phase 1 of the scheme ended 28 January 2018 and the construction will now commence on the 23 July 2018. It is anticipated that the construction works will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Phase 2 of the scheme – shared cycle-footway on the western side of A413 London Road providing connections to the Swan Pool, The Buckingham School and The Royal Latin School – is currently being consulted on.  For further information please view the project webpage www.buckscc.gov.uk/buckinghamcycleway

Construction Programme:

The construction works will be carried out at various sites in Buckingham including the Badgers Estate, Bourton Road and in Bourton Park to create the new formal route for Phase 1, which will connect into the back of Cornwall’s Meadow car park. To view the Phase 1 overview plan click here.

  • Construction will take place only on weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • Weekday working hours start from 8:30am to 4:00pm daily (with the exception of Bank Holidays)
  • Construction works planned to start 23 July 2018
  • Expected completion date of works is early September 2018.
The following sections of footway work are planned as follows:

  1. Hare Close: Footway connection to A413 London Road – Footway reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 23 July – 5 days)
  2. A413 London Road: Footway connection to Hare Close – Footway reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 23 July – 5 days)
  3. Badgers Way western junction with Bourton Road: Footway works (25m dist. into Badgers Way) – Footway reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 30 July – 6 days)
  4. Bourton Road western junction with Badgers Way: Footway & Kerbing  reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Monday 30 July – 6 days)
  5. Ouse Valley Way at cul-de-sac excluding cycleway crossing west of school. Footway & kerbing reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Tuesday 7 August – 5 days)
  6. Stratford Road – south side, (west of AVDC/football club car park access) adjacent to egress excluding footpath. Footway & kerbing reconstruction with 2-way traffic signals (w/c Friday 10 August, 14 day window)
  7. Bourton Road & Ouse Valley Way: Red surface treatment application – ½ Day duration – Stop & Go Traffic Management. (w/c Monday 20 August – 10 day window)
  8. London Rd (f/way), / Hare Close / Badgers Way (west) into Bourton Rd,  / Ouse Valley Way / Stratford Road (f/way): Apply carriageway cycle markings – various locations along the scheme – Stop & Go Traffic Management. (w/c Monday 20 August – 10 day window)
Information signs will be erected at the specific site locations to highlight the planned works, dates and duration.

The work will be undertaken using temporary lane closures and 2–way temporary traffic signals as necessary depending on the location of the works. During the works some delays may be unavoidable for road users.

During the works access will be maintained for residents. However, on occasions for health and safety reasons, road users may be requested to wait temporarily to enable completion of a particular operation/activity by the contractor. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will endeavour to keep construction noise levels on the site as low as possible. However, due to the nature of these works some noisy activities will be required so we apologise for this in advance.

For any queries regarding the works during weekdays, contact Adrian Lane (T-ALANE@buckscc.org) at Transport for Buckinghamshire.

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