Christmas Bin Collection Changes

Usual collection day        RECYCLING                              Revised collection day

Tuesday 25 December 2018 (Christmas Day)                      Thursday 27 December 2018

Wednesday 26 December 2018 (Boxing Day)                      Friday 28 December 2018

Thursday 27 December 2018                                                 Saturday 29 December 2018

Friday 28 December 2018                                                      Monday 31 December 2018


Monday 31 December 2018                                                   Wednesday 2 January 2019

Tuesday 1 January 2019 (New Year’s Day)                          Thursday 3 January 2019

Wednesday 2 January 2019                                                   Friday 4 January 2019

Thursday 3 January 2019                                                       Saturday 5 January 2019

Friday 4 January 2019                                                            Monday 7 January 2019


Monday 7 January 2019                                                         Tuesday 8 January 2019

Tuesday 8 January 2019                                                        Wednesday 9 January 2019

Wednesday 9 January 2019                                                   Thursday 10 January 2019

Thursday 10 January 2019                                                     Friday 11 January 2019

Friday 11 January 2019                                                          Saturday 12 January 2019


Recycling WeekResidents are reminded to present blue-lidded recycling bins and outdoor food

caddies by 6.30am on the revised collection day.

Waste Week –    Residents are reminded to present green-lidded waste bins and outdoor food

caddies by 6.30am on the revised collection day.

How to dispose of your Christmas tree after the festive period


When disposing of a Christmas tree, we’re reminding residents to:

Remove any decorations

  • Cut the tree down to smaller, manageable pieces
  • Place into a brown garden waste bin

For residents not subscribed to AVDC’s garden waste collection service, Christmas trees will need to be taken to a local household recycling centre.

Find your nearest centre click here:

 Christmas recycling reminder – things ‘Yule’ need to know!

We produce 30% more waste at Christmas but many festive items can be recycled:

Christmas cards (but not foil or glitter ones please)

Clean paper plates

Paper hats and paper crackers (but not the snap please)

Cleaned aluminium foil

Wrapping paper and gift tags (remove any ribbons and bows first)

Chocolate tins and plastic tubs


Any extra recycling will be collected by our crews, if presented in a clear bag next to the blue-lidded recycling bin on collection day.

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