Following recent burglaries in the area, we are reminding residents to check their home security. You can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary by taking a few simple steps:

  • When going out, remember to light up your home using timer switches or a TV simulator.

    •  Don’t leave valuables or cash on display and store your house and car keys away from your letterbox.

  • Move bins away from any side gates to prevent easy access into your property.
  • Lock any tools away to prevent them being used to break into your home.
  • Consider fitting a motion activated external light or installing a CCTV system.
  • Finally, mark your valuables using a UV pen and register them on the national property register at

If you see a burglary in progress, or a burglary has occurred very recently, you should always report it by calling 999.

For more burglary prevention advice, please visit our website at

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