Furze Lane Burial Ground

The Council operates a lawn Burial Ground in Furze Lane.

Please note that the old burial ground in Vicarage Road is not operated by the Council and any queries about this site should be directed to the Parochial Church Council through the Church Wardens.

For details of the Rules and Regulation governing the burial ground, or if you require any further information, please contact administration@winslowtowncouncil.gov.uk.

Arranging a Burial

Before a burial can be arranged an Exclusive Right of Burial (ERB) must be purchased from the Council (see below).

We strongly recommend that you use the services of a Funeral Director to arrange a burial. If you prefer to make the arrangements yourself, you will need to discuss the necessary requirements with us.

The services of a professional and approved grave digger must be used to excavate the grave. Ensure that you allow sufficient time for this to be done.

To arrange a burial we require a completed Notice of Interment form and payment.

Burials are normally only permitted on Monday to Friday between 10am and 3:30pm.

Allocating plots is the responsibility of the Council.

The details of all burials are recorded in the Burial Registers. We are happy to help with any searches, although please note a fee may apply.

For further information on burials please see the current Regulations as above.

Exclusive Right of Burial

Exclusive Rights of Burial (ERB) are available to residents of Winslow on application to the Council and payment of the appropriate fee (See schedule of fees above).

An ERB gives the purchaser (Grant Holder) the right to say who can be buried in the grave and to request permission for a memorial to be erected or amended. An ERB does not involve purchase of the land itself, nor does it grant the purchaser the right to plant anything on the land.

It is important for the Grant Holder to notify the Council of any change of address.

When a Grant Holder is deceased the ERB must be transferred via their estate before any further burial or memorial erection or amendment can take place. Please note a fee will apply. (See schedule of fees above).

A living Grant Holder can change ownership at any time.

For further information on ERBs please see the current Regulations as above.


Only the Grant Holder can apply for permission to erect a memorial or add an additional inscription to a memorial. All such work must be carried out by NAMM or BRAMM accredited monumental masons.

Applications for memorials must be made to the Council using the required application form below accompanied by the appropriate fee. (See schedule of fees above).

For further information on Memorials please see the current Regulations as above.

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