EWR works have closed Furze Lane rail bridge until 9 September

This information was last updated on 6 May.

Work to repair and modify the Furze Lane bridge over the railway is now under way, with the bridge closed to vehicular traffic until 9 September. It involves a wide range of tasks including brickwork repairs, installing a new roadway and footpath alongside it, and raising the height of the parapet walls to meet modern safety standards.

EWR Alliance has agreed that pedestrian and cycle traffic can continue to use the road bridge until the replacement for the old footbridge is installed and usable.

The Council is also pushing EWR to reopen some of the footpaths that have been closed for the past two years - particularly the one on the top of the embankment between Buckingham Road and the Bloor Homes site. However there is still work to be completed affecting that path before it can be re-opened.

EWR's bulletin from 25 April is attached. Further information will be published as it becomes available.

Posted: Sun, 13 Mar 2022 22:30 by Roger Slevin

Tags: East West Rail, Roadworks