The Paddock

On 14th January, 2015 draft contracts for the purchase of the Paddock were exchanged and signed on behalf of the Council and a cheque was raised in payment to the solicitors, a completion date is now awaited.

This is a very significant step forward for our community as this five and a half acres of land in the middle of the town is where it is planned, as in the Neighbourhood Plan, to site the new Winslow Community Centre and a town park. The Winslow Bowls Club has been located on part of this land for many years on a long-term lease.

The purchase price and improvements needed to make the area suitable for public access are covered by a £200,000 grant from AVDC’s New Homes Bonus fund, applied for by the Town Council.

Subject to a completion date on the purchase, it is planned that work on the site to make it suitable for public access will start later this year.

However, it will be a few years before the planned new Community Centre will be up and running, a project estimated to cost in the region of £3.0 million.

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