Town Council

Town Council

Winslow Town Council provides a valuable service for the community and represents the town’s interests in various ways. Working effectively and professionally with both the District and County Councils as well as other stakeholders, we ensure that the interests and assets of Winslow are protected.

The Town Council is the first of three tiers of democratic government and the closest to the local community. The second and third being Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council respectively. The District Councillors for Winslow Ward are Llew Monger and Sue Renshell. The local County Councillor is John Chilvers.

Part of the Town Council’s role is to enhance and promote the cultural life and wellbeing of Winslow. We seek to improve the local environment, raising standards of recreational facilities and helping to meet the community’s needs.

The Town Council welcomes input from Winslow residents and everyone is encouraged to attend any of the Council’s meetings. We have various responsibilities, which include managing the town’s allotments, discussing and commenting on planning applications, managing the Council’s properties, and monitoring and maintaining some of the town’s public areas.

We also support Winslow by providing small grants to voluntary and community groups in the town.



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