The Town Council comprises 12 Town Councillors who are elected every four years.

The Chairman of the Council also undertakes the office of Town Mayor and is elected to the position annually.

Town Councillors are unpaid and, with the exception of the Mayor, do not receive an allowance for their duties.

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Gordon Wiseman : Councillor Chairman and Mayor

Gordon Wiseman

Councillor Chairman and Mayor

01296 712386
Richard Hamley : Councillor

Richard Hamley


01296 711658
Colin Bishopp : Councillor, Deputy Chairman and Deputy Mayor

Colin Bishopp

Councillor, Deputy Chairman and Deputy Mayor
David Barry : Councillor

David Barry

Wendy Castle : Councillor

Wendy Castle


01296 713829
Trish Cawte : Councillor

Trish Cawte


01296 713468
David Goss : Councillor

David Goss

Shirley Knight : Councillor

Shirley Knight


01296 713765
Llew Monger : Councillor

Llew Monger


01296 714047
Martin Onley : Councillor

Martin Onley


Roger Slevin : Councillor

Roger Slevin


Roy van de Poll : Councillor

Roy van de Poll


01296 713112


Amenities Committee
Cllrs  Castle (Chair),Barry, Hamley, Knight and Onley.


Responsible for the maintenance of all the amenities of the Town on a day to day basis, e.g. bins (dog & litter), seats, landscaping, playground, burial ground, Pubic Hall car park, allotments and cutting of grass and hedges devolved from Bucks County Council. Links with District & County Council on maintaining their services e.g. street cleaning, fly tipping and open spaces.  Meets on the third Thursday of each month.
Development Committee
Cllrs Cawte (Chair), Bishopp, Goss, Slevin and van de Poll Considers planning applications and enforcement issues, responsible for Winslow Neighbourhood Plan and considers all strategic issues likely to impact the Town.  Meets on the second Thursday of each month with an optional meeting on the fourth Thursday if required.
Events Committee
Cllrs  Monger (Chair), Cawte, and Knight.  Non-Council members:T Goosey. T Perkins Responsible for all Town Council related events including the farmers market held on the first Sunday of each month (except January).
Finance & General Purposes Committee
Cllrs Monger (Chair) Bishopp, Slevin, van de Poll and Wiseman Responsible for the day to day financial matters, personnel and street lighting, events, council property and strategic issues.
Awards Committee
The Mayor and one other delegated councillor.
Chamber of Trade
 The Chamber will report to Council on significant matters.
BCC’s Winslow and District Local Area Forum
Trish Cawte
North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium
Roy van de Poll
AVDC’s Local Councils Planning Liaison Group
 Roy van de Poll
Friends of Winslow Youth Centre
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