Winslow Neighbourhood Plan

Winslow Neighbourhood Plan

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Winslow Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement

Following an Independent Examination and Referendum, Aylesbury Vale District Council has confirmed that the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the Development Plan and the policies in the Plan will therefore now be given full weight when assessing planning applications that affect land covered by the plan. 

AVDC Decision statement



The Winslow Neighbourhood plan received a YES vote at Referendum on 24th July.  

Documents relating to the referendum as follows:

Winslow Neighbourhood Plan

Examiner’s Report

Publicity Comments

Statement of Basic Conditions

General Information for Voters


For details of the plan as submitted on the AVDC website

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Previous history


The six week consultation period began on 12th August. The relevant documents can be accessed below. There will also be hard copies available to read in the library during normal opening hours.


We have decided to extend the consultation period to accommodate those who may have missed the original publicity due to being on holiday in August. There will also be an extra Drop-In session on 5th October between 10.00am and Noon at the Town Council office.

We have received a huge number of responses to the Plan, almost all very positive, and we’d like to see even more.  Do let us have your comments either by email to or by letter to PLAN WTC, 28 High Street, Winslow, MK18 3HQ.

We are sorry but the Council does not have the staff resources to enable comments to be taken over the telephone.

What  Happens Next

At the end of the consultation the comments will be collated and any amendments considered. The plan will then be passed to AVDC who will check that it conforms with the Vale of Aylesbury Plan. The plan then goes to an external examiner who may agree it or request amendments. Finally, a community referendum will be held and if supported by a majority the plan will become the key planning document for Winslow over the next twenty years.

Key Documents

WNP – Pre-Submission Plan

WNP – Site Assessments Report

WNP – Strategic Environmental Assessment

Evidence Base – Annex A

Winslow State of the Town Report (2013)

Winslow Town Plan (2011)

Rural Community Profile for Winslow Parish (2012)

Document available to RCAN members only.

Winslow Local Area Forum: Broadband Update (2013)

Winslow Landscape Character Assessment (2006)

Winslow Conservation Area Appraisal (2008

Winslow Local Area Forum: East West Rail Q&A (2013)

Winslow Local Area Forum: Local Action Plan (2012)

Winslow Historic Environment Character Assessment (2006)

Vale of Aylesbury Plan: Pre-Submission (2013)

 Aylesbury Vale Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2013)

Aylesbury Vale Landscape Character Assessment (2008)

Aylesbury Vale Employment Land Study (2008)

Aylesbury Vale District Local Plan (2004)

Aylesbury Vale Economic Development Strategy (2012

Vale of Aylesbury Plan: Winslow Fact Pack (2011)

Aylesbury Vale Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2012)

Vale of Aylesbury Plan: Pre-Submission Sustainability Appraisal (2012)

Vale of Aylesbury Plan: Housing & Economic Growth Assessment (2011)

Vale of Aylesbury Plan: Water Cycle Study (2012)

Vale of Aylesbury Plan: Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2011)

Buckinghamshire Local Transport Plan 3 (2010)

Buckinghamshire Local Investment Plan (2010)



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