Data Transparency

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 came into effect on 1st April 2015. The Code is issued by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Winslow Town Council complies with or exceeds the requirements of the code but please note that some items such as parking are not currently applicable although they may apply in the future.


Winslow Town Council is predominantly funded by a precept that is collected from the Council Tax payers via the District Council. The Town Council receives minimal income from other sources but income from the Farmers Market , Christmas Fayre and Youth Centre building are ring fenced for community projects or, in the case of the Youth Centre, for the youth club activities. The Town Council receives no funding from business rates or central government but the Town Council does apply for grants for specific projects when appropriate.


In order for the Town Council to operate during the financial year the Council must set a budget which is the basis for the Precept Claim.

Annual Returns

The Annual Return is the statement of Accounts at the end of the Financial Year. This is a legal document that is submitted to and signed off by the Town Council's external auditor.


Tomkins Park & Arboretum BM395160 / BM241422

Winslow Public Hall Car park BM332364

Winslow Recreation Ground BM332364

28 High St. BM386103

Furze Lane Burial Ground BM332363

Furze Lane Burial Ground (New Area) BM240560

Scout Hut Land BM346526


Each year the Town Council supports a number of local causes with grants to aid them in providing facilities and services for the people of the town. The Council is also sole Trustee of the Winslow War Memorial Institute Fund which also provides grants for local causes.

Grants Awarded in 2018

From Council Precept

Winslow Teens £500

Citizens Advice £2,000

Big Society Group £400

Men in Sheds £542

From Winslow War Memorial Institute Fund

Baby and Toddler Group £200

Holiday Lunch Club £100

Winslow Guides Hall £ 500

Pay Multiple

The Council is required by the code to publish its Pay Multiple. This is the ratio of the taxable pay of the highest paid officer in relation to the median taxable pay of the Council's work force. The Pay Multiple for Winslow Town Council is 2:1. Winslow Town Council has no full time employees.

Organisation Chart

The code requires that the Council publish an organisation chart covering staff in the top three levels of the organisation whose salaries exceed £50, 000.

There are no staff employed whose salary meets the above criteria.

Government Procurement Card Transactions.

Not applicable

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