Tree Warden



The Council is looking to recruit a volunteer Tree Warden and anyone interested should contact the Town Clerk.

The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative to enable people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods. The scheme was founded and is coordinated by the Tree Council.  Tree Wardens are volunteers, who gather information about their local trees, become involved in local tree matters and encourage local practical projects to do with trees and woods. The role includes:


  • Providing an early warning of threats, disease, decay or vandalism
  • Reviewing any Planning Applications which involve trees
  • Advising on and managing the planting of trees if necessary
  • Advising on Tree Consultations and Tree planting requirements
  • Encouraging Tree Planting for The Tree Council’s National Tree Week
  • Encouraging local environmental Improvement projects
  • Working with local schools and groups to encourage an appreciation of the value of trees, in particular children and youth groups, which can help to prevent vandalism.
  • Spearheading Tree Council initiatives at a local level
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