Virtual permits for on-street parking

News from Buckinghamshire County Council

On the 27 September 2018 Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) will launch ‘virtual permits’ for on-street parking, along with online applications for all other permit types. The new virtual permits will reduce the time it takes to apply for, and receive, a permit – currently, it can take up to 14 working days to receive a permit, but a virtual permit becomes live as soon as it is approved. Enforcement officers will know instantly if a vehicle has an active permit via their handheld devices.

Virtual permits will be available for all types of on-street parking. This means that people will no longer have to display a permit when parking a car in a permitted area anywhere in Buckinghamshire. This includes resident permits, dispensations and carer permits, as well as other types of on street parking permits.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation Mark Shaw said: “This advance in technology means that it will be quicker and easier to apply for a permit, as the application process will be simplified. Requests for permits and any changes made to existing permits will be effective immediately and, better still, they’re environmentally friendly as there is no paper or printing involved.”

In order to access virtual permits, customers will have to register for a free account from which they can apply for all types of permits. It is recognised that some residents may have issues relating to internet access, so alternatives will be put in place to ensure they can still obtain the virtual permits.

All current permit holders are being written to with further details.

Types of permit:

Resident Permits
These are for customers who reside in the Controlled Parking Zone. To obtain one of these permits the customer has to provide evidence of the following:
Proof of Residence
Proof of Ownership

Visitors Vouchers

Operational Permits
These permits are issued to a health visitor and must be used for domicile visits only. A form must be completed and signed off by the applicants Practice Manager.

Carer Permits
This permit is issued to a resident who requires daily help. The help is normally a family member/s, friend or carer. A form must be completed and a doctors letter is required with proof of residency.



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